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Seamless expert discovery

– from all of the world's academic databases.

Terran effortlessly combs through integrated global academic databases, spotlighting researchers, not just their articles, ensuring you connect with relevant knowledge hubs.

Seemless Discovery

Uncover hidden

research synergies

with matchmaking

Curate your expert roster and let our advanced matchmaking algorithm discover researchers pinpointed to your project’s needs, ensuring every collaboration is not just a connection, but the right one.

Uncover hidden research synergies with matchmaking

Find Your Friends And Foes

“The adoption of Terran has substantially enhanced my capability to comprehend the ongoing research endeavors of my contemporaries within the same discipline. This acquisition of knowledge facilitates a strategic focus on underexplored research domains, thereby averting unnecessary competition and redundant investigative pursuits. Furthermore, this platform has opened avenues for collaboration with a diverse array of scholars, fostering an interdisciplinary approach to research and broadening the scope of grants.”

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Access real-time

research updates.

Navigate the evolving landscape of multidisciplinary research effortlessly - we'll guide you towards emerging players behind developments in your field, ensuring you're always positioned to seize new opportunities and collaborations.

Terran Research

Strategic research insights –

know your potential competitors and collaborators

Leverage your Terran search results to gain custom, field-specific analytics, offering you concise and targeted summary insights that help you align with real-time academic landscapes.

Strategic Research to know your competitors

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– to further the development of a better and more sustainable world.

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“Identify 25% more relevant scientists”

“Utilizing Terran allows us to locate scientists in any given research area within minutes, a process that previously took weeks. Moreover, we are able to identify 25% more relevant scientists that would have otherwise remained undiscovered. This offers us an entirely new method to gain insight into our research and enables us to easily invite pertinent scientists to e.g. conferences”

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